It has been over a year since I posted something on this blog. And, well, a year goes by unbelievably fast.

So, after a year of neglect on this site, I have made the decision to write about topics that interest me and not limit myself to simply writing about music.

I have spent a good few weeks attempting to think of a new, quirky and original name for this site. Sadly, I am still none the wiser and clearly lack any kind of creativity and imagination. I wouldn’t even dare to think what I will be like when it comes to something as important as naming a baby. Although, I am not sure creativity and quirkiness will be at the top of the list of things to consider when it comes to the child naming process.

But this blog has swapped between the names of charlottedavisl (my social media handle) and Found the Sound (my music blog). For the time being, it will just be charlottedavisl but it does not mean the end of my music blogging.

I very much regret giving up on this site when it had a steady readership. I’ve therefore decided to get back into it, but instead I will be covering topics such as travel, music, life updates – sorry in advance if this is boring – and shopping hauls.

Please feel free to still contact me regarding album reviews and interviews. You can contact me here. If you have an interesting story to tell, I am all ears.

Next up: My trip to Normandy


SINGLE REVIEW: The Forum ‘My Chest Is Your Dance Floor’

The Forum

The Forum, a four-piece alt-rock group from Florida, has just released a track that they say is their catchiest yet.

‘My Chest Is Your Dance Floor’ has teen angst written all over it. I can agree, the explosive choruses and rock influences do indeed make it extremely catchy.  The song analyses the heartbreak and uneasiness associated with a lack of finality.

The lyrics exude despair, and as vocalist Michael Higgins sings ‘use my chest as your dancing floor’ the ominous mood rests parallel to the thunderous rhythm.  But despite the unrest in the lyrics, the track remains to be upbeat and memorable.

This is a great song from a new band. I mean, who can really resist listening to a great single from an emerging alternative pop-rock band from across the pond? Not me.

This is The Forum’s first release since their 2016 EP ‘Rain/Shade’ and it is the first single from their upcoming second EP ‘Illuminate’. I am looking forward to hearing more!

Here is the link to ‘My Chest Is Your Dance Floor’:



EP REVIEW: Darling James ‘Theory of Mind’

Darling James EP

The Theory of Mind EP is a musical confessional created with an abundance of experimentation, intellect and rhythmic influences.

Darling James, an indie-pop group from Australia, were founded by James O’Brien, who was first welcomed into the Australian music scene with indie band, The Boat People.

O’Brien’s musical background and Darling James’ capability to piece together a sound recognizable only as their own, has meant their debut EP is something to be very proud of.

The demand for experimentation is one of the strongest assets on this EP. Darling James have an ability to create a smooth transition of different genres and influences so well into every track. You never quite know what to expect on this EP and that is why it works so well.

Ultimatum Talk is the debut single, and the first song on the EP. The track focuses on having to result to the last-resort, having to have “the talk”, the one you know you’ve been avoiding but you have no choice but to get it over and done with. As “the talk” progresses, so does the melody, in fact, it erupts, and the genres make a swift change. Upon my first listen, I was truly amazed at how smoothly the band can make the transition from an upbeat ukulele to an eruption of drums and other rock-infused instrumentals. This song climaxes in between the transition and somehow the band have mastered this genre shift very well. The hypnotic vocals drive the transition and you’re lost in a dizzy world of confusion and amazement. To some, you’d think that a band would never get away with having so many different genres and influences in one song. But Darling James do, and they do it well.

The structure of Indonesian Cigarette is brilliant, there’s an arrangement of dynamic instrumentation with harmonizing vocals and lyrics that emanate nostalgia and lust. Not only do the rock influences fall heavy throughout this track, but there is also an abundance of synth-pop imprints, further displaying this experimental force throughout the EP. Indonesian Cigarette is not as raw and emotional as the other tracks on the EP, but maybe this diary-like EP isn’t all doom and gloom.

The Itch is perhaps something that the band are writing about from their own experience, but girls, parties and drinking seem to be the focus of the song. And aside from the fact that The Itch discusses issues that every mainstream pop song seems to focus on, the indie-influences, combined with drowsy vocals that sit parallel to the echoed percussions, this song creates something new and original. The singing style fluctuates throughout the song, from repetitive harmonizing to silvery vocals, it is another example of how Darling James have successfully experimented with their sound throughout the EP.

When indie and jazz influences come together you get Ache and Bend, a track that gives this EP its intimate and exposing status. The raw emotion is drawn from the disillusionment in the lyrics, “I wanna run until I can’t stand up. I wanna know what’s mine”, as a listener you share this melancholy, you’re lost and can’t quite figure out what to think. This feeling of seclusion then halts when the misery is interrupted by an explosive instrumental of mesmerizing saxophones. The saxophones then dull and the track then slips back into the comedown, and you feel isolated again.

If the thumping synths at the start of God’s Graffiti doesn’t give you an impression of what to expect in this song then I don’t know what will. It’s all about energy and feeling motivated to better yourself. The progressive nature of God’s Graffiti is what this EP is all about, the track explores music experimentation and finding that Darling James sound. God’s Graffiti is about feeling lost but empowered, misplaced but inspired. The lyrics “How do you clean up God’s graffiti, who do you even call? Cause I know I’ve got no plan” provokes alienation and a lack of spirit. The upbeat melody which carries the song, leads to an impressive guitar riff, turned solo, towards the end of the track, signifying a kind of liberation from the woes of the world.

How Far Will You Go? happens to be one of the best tracks on the EP, it resonates with the try-hards, the fakes and the contrived. How Far Will You Go? addresses the issues deriving from the need to break away from your social class by trying so hard that you lose all authenticity and substance. With lyrics like, “snuck into a private party, I don’t think they liked me”, Darling James reiterates a strive for sophistication, and even the exhaustion caused by this desire. The song resembles the fact that you have given up on trying so hard to be what is expected of you. The track states, “You’ve lived out the cliché and now you’re just tired” and “You try so hard to be middle class”, and when it is addressed to you, as a listener, you can’t help but feel defeated and lost. The melancholy is further influenced by the soft but dejected vocals that are supported by a harmonious mix of guitars and percussion.


Darling James EP



Solarrio has proven that he can create a diary-like EP that makes you want to get up and dance. Berlin-based electro-pop crooner, Solarrio, uses 80s influences and contemporary electronic components in the creation of his self-titled EP.

It’s clear that musical talent comes naturally for Solarrio, who was born in Paris in 1983 to notorious musician parents. His father is distinguished conductor and pianist, Daniel Barenboim, and his mother is Elena Bashkirova, a pianist and music director. The family have lived in France, Germany and around the United States.

Describing himself as the ‘adult third culture kid’ (A third culture kid is when children are raised in a culture other than their parents). Solarrio’s globe-trotting childhood has developed an eclectic musical taste, where he uses his musical connections across the globe to encourage people to listen to this impressive EP.

After leaving the Berklee College of Music in Boston, Solarrio returned to Berlin where his family were living. It was here that he embarked on a music production career, whilst also focusing on being a songwriter and touring musician. During his time producing music for Raf 3.0, he created a drum and bass track for the National Basketball Association (NBA) promo for the 2013 NBA Finals.

The EP, released in January by Believe Digital, mixes sounds of synthpop, electronic hip hop and house. Solarrio, also known as David Barenboim, wrote and produced all the songs and played all of the instruments.

Although there is a strong 80s influence on this EP, you can also hear the classical influences that Solarrio grew up listening to. However, his current musical inspirations include artists such as Kanye West, Tame Impala, Childish Gambino, Daft Punk and Radiohead.

Solarrio said in his press release, “In high school in Berlin, you had to be a part of this group, or that group. You couldn’t listen to rock and rap. You had to choose. I was more of a ‘free-spirit’, I played in rock bands and made rap beats.”

Solarrio has cleverly created an EP that combines all of his music influences, and with his first single, Drops, there is a contemporary electronic beat with a governing bass throughout. However, the melancholic lyrics (“Trying to make the pain stop but it’s not that simple”) and upbeat rhythm, including a continuous laughing sound effect, are incredibly confusing to understand. Am I supposed to feel sad listening to this song, or am I supposed to feel upbeat and happy? I am not quite sure.

Solarrio explained that Treadmill was written after he felt like he was helping so many other people with their music that he wasn’t getting anywhere, nor dedicating enough time, to develop his own music. Treadmill is a song built to inspire and motivate people to better their life. As well as having motivating lyrics, the house-inspired track features and catchy vocals make for an optimistic and engaging listen. And with lyrics like, “come and get me off the treadmill”, it’s something we all know and understand too well, right? Is this going on my gym playlist? Quite possibly.

Hopeless continues the signature Solarrio raspy vocals but instead features a retro-80s analog that flourishes throughout the track. With artists such as Phil Collins, Prince and Madonna as music influences, you can hear how the blend of contemporary electro beats and 80s influences mix incredibly well.

Head Over Feet contains a glow originating only from that of modern electronic beats. However, the electronic muffle at the start of the song is somewhat off-putting. Although, as the song progresses you hear the classic Solarrio sound once again. With lyrics including, “I was a fool to think I could find happiness” and “cupid set me up to fail and stabbed me right in the back” there is an element of heartbreak to this song, and the deep and husky vocals only influence this state even more.

Safety of a Mob starts with a dark and heavy bass, but it soon evolves into classic electronic hip hop. Similar to Drops, the bass continues throughout and becomes heavier as the song builds up. The bass seems to sit incredibly well with the dark mood created with this song. Overall, Safety of a Mob fits perfectly into the track list, it’s nice to have a slower song to conclude this incredible EP.

It is clear that Solarrio has this ability to climax a song to its best ability and it just proves how much of a strong songwriter and music producer he is. The mix of genres displayed throughout this EP once again prove that it’s not only an exciting listen but it confirms that David Barenboim is a one talented guy. I can’t wait to hear more music from Solarrio.

EP link here:

EP REVIEW: Daniel Caplen “BADMAN”


London-based D/C, also known as Daniel Caplen, is proving to be the 2016 artist to look out for after releasing his soulful 4-track EP Badman earlier this month.

This up-and-coming soul/R’n’B sensation has proved he has what it takes to bring something new to the music industry. It is clear that each song was worked on laboriously with a selection of accomplished producers in order to make sure that this EP displays Caplen’s true potential – and indeed, it does just that.

Badman, the title track for the EP, is full of raw emotion, but still maintains his witty attitude and neo-soul influences. The apologetic lyric writing reveals the sensitive side to D/C. He almost uses this song as a way to conciliate his listener, and the thick vocals are used perfectly to display the intensity of his words.

Caplen’s impressive vocal range and smoky voice is particularly apparent throughout ‘Longing for You’, which perfectly matches with the passionate lyrics in the song. Although D/C does have a very original sound, you can’t help but hear the musical resemblance to Raleigh Ritchie in this song.

In ‘Beautiful & Fragile’ you can clearly listen to the array of different music influencers, from R’n’B to pop music, there’s hints of similarities between John Legend’s pop/soul to Chance The Rapper’s hip hop imprint. The incandescent lyrics and astonishing vocals once again prove this guy to be a musical force to be reckoned with.

In ‘Life Round Here’ D/C’s lyrical blandishments and multiple instrumentals keep you listening; the mesmerizing bass and lyrical banter all tie together to create a likeable track that makes you want to keep hitting that replay button.

D/C’s mind-blowing talent determines Badman as a distinguished EP that could just prove to be a first-class crowd-pleaser. After introducing himself back in 2015, D/C has now created a set of tracks full of passion and musical excellence, which clearly drives this release.



So it has reached that point where modern technology has taken over our lives. Most people my age can’t go out to dinner without one of them whipping out their phones to Snapchat a photo of their meal or text someone back…

Technology is a somewhat ‘easier’  way to expretunemoji-15-1-s-307x512ss how you feel – Annoyed with someone/something  = you write a (probably indirect) tweet about it – admit it, you do it. Want to make everyone jealous of your travels = you spam Instagram with scenic photos.

Therefore, when it comes to expressing yourself over technology, GIFs are very popular – especially on social media and.. Tinder. This is possibly because it is more entertaining than just a picture, but it is also so much easier/lazier to send a GIF over text or social media than it is to talk in person – I mean, who would ever want to talk to someone in person!?

Hence, if you haven’t heard of TuneMoji yet you probably will soon. This new app allows you, in their words, to ‘say it with a song’.

Whether you want to get sassy with someone or even break up with them – If you’re feeling really mean you could send them a gif of the “Somebody That I Used To Know” video and be done with it –  you can do it all with a music gif.

An example of this would be below (FYI this is just an example and not accurate at all):


The app is constantly getting bigger and better, and it allows you to send music GIFs over iMessage, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Kik and Snapchat conversations – although there’s no sound on the GIFs in Snapchat.

It makes your discussion a hell of a lot more exciting, and funny, and it almost defeats the use of emojis – although I can’t lie, I am partial to an emoji – or ten (in one text).

Partnered with Universal Music Group and Warner Music Group, TuneMoji has plenty of their artists to choose from. My only fault is that there is not quite enough of a range of artists to choose from at the moment. However, once they crack a few more big labels I could really see this app being huge.

Overall TuneMoji is an amazing way of expressing yourself with music and it certainly enhances a boring conversation. I would recommend you try it and download it.

If you have any feedback on the app let me or the TuneMoji team know!

More info:

P.s. When you’re at dinner don’t forget to reply to the text with TuneMoji – “It’s so delicious” from Fergie’s Fergalicious would work well… If you’re talking about the meal of course.



Here’s a new track that’s full of punchy drums, power-heavy bass and dominating vocals. The single, called Kinkajou, is from newly formed band called MISS – a trio that creates fun alternative-rock tunes.


So, first of all we need some context to this song. What on earth is a Kinkajou?!

It’s a [kind of] cute looking rainforest mammal with a lifespan of around 20 years. AND it is also a power animal with symbolism for its connection to mother earth. Aside from their really long tongue, these fluffy little mammals are known to enjoy the company of their family and friends. Soooo, is this what the song is about? With lyrics like, “Baby, can I make you stay?”, it does make me wonder. Although, I cannot be certain about this one. It’s a mystery.

Secondly, give it a listen:

Thirdly, who are MISS?

MISS are a band that formed on New Year’s Day January 2015, consisting of Marty Felton on vocals/guitar, Wilson on bass/vocals, and Benjamin Wade on drums/vocals. The trio released their third single to date at the start of this month, and it certainly is a welcome introduction to their edgy alternative sound.

My views on Kinkajou?

I love this track. It has a different alt-rock sound, and in a way it doesn’t seem to fit right with the vocals. But on the other hand it also fits really well, because somehow MISS have created a track that is full of passion and energy that can’t be mistaken for anything else. They have an innovative sound and it works.

However,  this song is definitely a grower and it took me several listens to get to like their sound. The vocals, although clearly full of fire and intensity, can be slightly overpowering – what with a lot happening all at once. However, I can imagine this kind of pandemonium in a track would make for a great gig.

Overall MISS are a pretty cool band and I can’t wait to hear more from them!

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